Anna Wargelius

Telephone: 90848168
Department: Reproduksjon og utviklingsbiologi

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Reproduction and Developmental Biology

Gene expression pattern and level reflects to a significant extent the ongoing anatomical, morphological and physiological activities in a tissue and/or organism. My field of interest is functional genomics in Atlantic salmon with focus on the reproductive mechanisms. We currently use CRISPR-Cas9 to knockout (KO) genes in Atlantic salmon (Edvardsen et al 2014),  to be able to 1) explore molecular mechanisms related to the reproductive system, in particular germ cell specification and early sexual development, and we have recently produce germ cell free salmon by ablation of the primordial germ cells using CRISPR-Cas9 knockout of the dnd gene (PGCs, (Wargelius et al 2016). Both aims explore fields which can result in sterility models for aquaculture that could solve major bottlenecks related to un-wanted sexual maturation and genetic interactions with wild populations. Currently two of my projects are intensively exploring these fields, SALMOSTERILE 2013-2018 (NFR BIOTEK 2021 project, ) and POSTSMOLTMAR (HAVBRUK 2 2016-2020).

We have also in recent years explored the wild genome pool of Atlantic salmon with the main aim to identify genetic regions under selection for primarily reproductive traits, such as time at maturity (Ayllon et al 2015) However studies have also revealed genetic regions /sweeps that probably confer traits associated with disease resistance, behaviour, sea water adaption and feed metabolism (Kjærner-Semb et al 2016). SALMAT 2013-2017 (NFR-BIOTEK 2021-HAVBRUK project), MATGEN 2016-2020 (NFR _HAVBRUK) and DIGISAL (Biotek2021-digital life project)

Curriculum Vitae

Anna Sofie Troedsson-Wargelius (MSc, PhD)
Group leader, Principal Scientist (1183), Institute of Marine Research

DOB , 05.12.1972
Civil status Married, three children (6, 10 and 13 years)

1998-2001 PhD Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Bergen, Norway
1991-1996 Master in Biology, University of Uppsala, Sweden


Selected Publications 2016

Wargelius A, Leininger S, Skaftnesmo KO, Kleppe L., Andersson E., Taranger GL, Schulz RW, Edvardsen RB. Dnd knockout ablates germ cells and demonstrates germ cell independent sex differentiation in Atalantic salmon. Sci Rep 2016 Feb 18:6:21284

Kjærner-Semb E, Ayllon F, Furmanek T, Wennevik V, Solberg MF, Dahle G, Ozerov M, Vaha J.K:, Glover K.A., Rubin CJ, Wargelius A, Edvardsen RB. Atlantic salmon populations reveal adaptive divergence of immune related genes- a duplicated genome under selection. BMC genomics 2016 17(1), 610

Selected publications 2015

Ayllon F, Kjærner-Semb E, Furmanek T, Wennevik V., Solberg MF, Dahle G, Taranger GL, Glover KA, Almen MS, Rudin CJ, Edvardsen RB, Wargelius A. The vgll3 locus control age at maurity in wild and domesticated Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar L). Plos genetics Nov 9 2015

Kleppe L, Wargelius A, Nilsen H, Taranger GL and Edvardsen RB. Gonad specific genes in Atlantic salmon; characteization of tdrd7, tdrd1, dazl1 and ziwi genes. Gene 2015, Apr 15; 560(2):217-25

Wargelius A, Furmanek T, Montfort L, LeCam A, Kleppe L, Juanchich A, Edvardsen RB, Taranger GL and Bobe J. A comparison between egg transcriptomes of cod and salmon reveal species specific traits in eggs from each species. Mol Rep Dev Doi 10.1002/mrd22487

Selected publications 2014

Edvardsen RB, leininger S, Kleppe L, Skaftnesmo KO, Wargelius A. Targeted mutagenesis in Atlantic salmon (salmo salar L)) using CRISPR-Cas9 system induced complete knockout individuals in the F0 generation. In press: Plos One 2014 Sep 25;9 (9)

Kleppe L, Edvardsen RB, Furmanek T, Taranger GL, Wargelius A. Global transcriptome analysis identifies regulated transcripts and pathways activated during oogenesis and early embryogenesis in Atlantic cod. Mol Reprod Dev 2014 Jul:81(7) 619-35

Wang S, Furmanek T, Kryvi H, Krossøy C, Totland GK, Grotmol S, Wargelius A. Transcriptome sequencing of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L) notochord prior to development of the vertebrae provides clues to regulation of positional fate, chordoblast lineage and mineralisation. BMC genomics 2014 Feb 19;15:141

Publications 2013
1. Kleppe L, Karlsen Ø, Edvardsen RB, Norberg B, Andersson E, Taranger GL, Wargelius A. Cortisol treatment of prespawning female cod affects cytogenesis related factors in eggs and embryos. General and Comparative Endocrinology. Aug 1;189:84-95 2013
2. Wang S, Kryvi H, Grotmol S, Wargelius A, Krossøy C, Epple M, Neues F, Furmanek T and Totland GK. Mineralization of the vertebral bodies in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) is initiated segmentally in the form of hydroxyapatite crystal accretions in the notochord sheath. Journal of Anatomy, Aug;223(2):159-70 May 2013

Publications 2012
1. Kleppe L., Edvardsen RB, Kuhl H., Malde K., Furmanek T., Drivenes O., Reinhardt R., Taranger GL, Wargelius A. Maternal 3'UTRs: from egg to onset of zygotic transcription in Atlantic cod BMC Genomics 2012, 13:443 doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-443 Published: 1 September 2012
2. Olsen R.E., Svardal A., Eide T. and Wargelius A. Stress and expression of cyclooxygenases (cox1, cox2a, cox2b) and intestinaleicosanoids, in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar. Fish Physiol Biochem. 2012 Aug;38(4):951-62.
3. Fjelldal, P. G.; Hansen, T., Breck, O, Ornsrud, R.), Lock, E. -J.)3; Waagbo, R., Wargelius A., Witten, P. E. Vertebral deformities in farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) - etiology and pathology. review JOURNAL OF APPLIED ICHTHYOLOGY Volume: 28 Issue: 3 Special Issue: SI Pages: 433-440 DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0426.2012.01980.x Published: JUN 20124.
4. Gil-Martens L, Fjelldal PG, Lock EJ, Wargelius A, Wergeland H, Witten PE, Hansen, T Waagbø R, Ørnsrud R (2011), Dietary phosphorus does not reduce the risk for spinal deformities in a model of adjuvant-induced inflammation in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) post-smolts. AQUACULTURE NUTRITION, Volume: 18 Issue: 1 Pages: 12-20 2012
5. Fjelldal P.G., Lock E. J., Hansen T. J., Waagbø R., Wargelius A., Gil-Martens L., El-Mowafi A., Ørnsrud R. Continuous light induces bone resorption and affects vertebral morphology in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) fed a phosphorous deficient diet , AQUACULTURE NUTRITION, in press 2012

Publications 2011
1. Sagstad A, Grotmol S, Kryvi H, Krossøy C, Totland GK, Malde K, Wang S, Hansen T, Wargelius A. Identification of vimentin- and elastin-like transcripts specifically expressed in developing notochord of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.).CELL TISSUE RES. 2011 Nov 5.
2. Grini A, Hansen T, Berg A, Wargelius A, Fjelldal PG. The effect of water temperature on vertebral deformities and vaccine-induced abdominal lesions in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L. J FISH DIS. 2011 Jul;34(7):531-46.3.                          3. Totland G.K., Fjelldal P.G., Kryvi H., Løkka G., Wargelius A., Sagstad A.,Hansen T.,Grotmol S. Sustained swimming increases the mineral content and osteocyte density of salmon vertebral bone. JOURNAL OF ANATOMY, Volume: 219 (4) pp490-501, OCT 2011
Publications 2010
1. Wargelius A., Fjelldal P.G., Nordgarden U., Grini A., Grotmol S., Totland G.K., Hansen T. A novel short isoform of Collagen type XI (alpha 1) may be involved in the structural plasticity of the vertebral column in Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar L.). JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY, 2010 213:1207-16
2. Wargelius A., Fjelldal P.G., Grini A., Gil-Martens L., Kvamme B.O. and Hansen T. MMP-13 (Matrix MetalloProteinase 13) expression might be an indicator for increased ECM remodeling and early signs of vertebral compression in farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L). JOURNAL OF APPLIED ICHTHYOLOGY, 2010 26(2): 366-371
3. Fjelldal, PG., Nordgarden, U., Wargelius, A., Taranger, GL., Waagbø, R., Olsen, RE. Effects of vegetable feed ingredients on bone health in Atlantic salmon. JOURNAL OF APPLIED ICHTHYOLOGY, 2010, 26(2):327-333
4. Gil Martens, L., Lock, E.J., Fjelldal, P.G., Wargelius, A., Araujo, P., Torstensen, B.E., Witten, P.E., Hansen, T., Waagbø, R. & Ørnsrud, R., Dietary fatty acids and inflammation in the vertebral column of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., smolts: A possible link to spinal deformities", J FISH DIS, 2010 33(12): 957-972.
Publications 2009
1. Krossøy C., Waagbø R., Fjelldal P.G., Wargelius A., Lock E.J., Eide-Graff I., Ørnsrud R. Dietary menadione nicotinamide bisulphite (vitamin K3) does not affect growth or bone health in first feeding fry of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.), AQUACULTURE NUTRITION, 2009 15: 638-649
2. Wargelius A., Fjelldal P.G., Nordgarden U., Hansen T. Continuous light affects mineralization and delays osteoid incorporation in vertebral bone of Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar L.), JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY 2009 212: 656-661.
3. Krossøy C., Ørnsrud R., Wargelius A. Differential gene expression of bgp and mgp in trabecular and compact bone of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) JOURNAL OF ANATOMY 2009, 215(6):663-72.

Publications 2005-2007
1. Stefansson S. O., Nilsen T. O., Ebbesson L.O.E., Wargelius A , Madsen S. S., Björnsson B. Th., McCormick S.D. Molecular mechanisms of continuous light inhibition of Atlantic salmon parr–smolt transformation. AQUACULTURE 2007 273: 235–245
2. Gotensparre SM, Andersson E, Wargelius A , Hansen T, Johnston IA. Insight into the complex genetic network of tetraploid (Salmo salar L.): Description of multiple novel Pax-7 Atlantic salmon splice variants. GENE 373: 8-15 MAY 24 2006
3. Nordgarden U, Fjelldal, PG, Bjornsson, Bjorn Thrandur , Wargelius A . Growth hormone and insulinlike growth factor-I act together and independently when regulating growth in vertebral and muscle tissue of Atlantic salmon postsmolts GENERAL AND COMPARATIVE ENDOCRINOLOGY 149 (3): 253-260 DEC 2006
4 . Wargelius A ., Fjelldal P.G., Benedet S., Hansen T., Björnsson B. Th., and Nordgarden U. A peak in gh-receptor expression is associated with growth activation in Atlantic salmon vertebrae, while upregulation of igf-I receptor expression is related to increased bone density. GENERAL AND COMPARATIVE ENDOCRINOLOGY 142 (1-2): 163-168 MAY 15 2005
5. Wargelius A ., Fjellda P.G., Hansen T. Heat-shock during early somitogenesis induces caudal vertebral column defects in Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar). DEVELOPMENT GENES AND EVOLUTION, 215 (7): 350-357 JUL 2005
6. Fjelldal PG, Nordgarden U, Berg A, Grotmol S, Totland GK, Wargelius A , Hansen T Vertebrae of the trunk and tail display different growth rates in response to photoperiod in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., post-smolts AQUACULTURE 250 (1-2): 516-524 NOV 14 2005

Publications 1999-2004
1. Wargelius A , Ellingsen S, Fjose A. Double-stranded RNA induces specific developmental defects in zebrafish embryos. BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 263 (1): 156-161 SEP 16 1999
2. Bolstad AI, Wargelius A , Nakken B, Haga HJ, Jonsson R Fas and Fas ligand gene polymorphisms in primary Sjogren's syndrome. JOURNAL OF RHEUMATOLOGY 27 10: 2397-2405 OCT 2000
3. Fjose A, Ellingsen S, Wargelius A , Seo HC. RNA interference: mechanisms and applications. BIOTECHNOLOGY ANNUAL REVIEW 2001 7: 31-57.
4. Wargelius A , PhD thesis “A study of Six3-like genes involved in zebrafish eye and forebrain development”, University of Bergen, June 21 2001.
5. Wargelius A , Seo HC, Austbo L, Fjose A Retinal expression of zebrafish six3.1 and its regulation by Pax6. BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 309 (2): 475-481 SEP 19 2003
6. Ornsrud R, Wargelius A , Saele O, Pittman K, Waagbo R. Influence of egg vitamin A status and egg incubation temperature on subsequent development of the early vertebral column in Atlantic salmon fry. JOURNAL OF FISH BIOLOGY 64 (2): 399-417 FEB 2004

Ryggvirvler hos laks i saltvann: Styrke och mineralinnehold påvirkes av lysregime og veksthastighet. Fjelldal P.G., Wargelius A., Nordgarden U., Hansen T., Norsk Fiskeoppdrett, Dec 2004, side52-54.

Ryggradsutvikling og deformasjoner i ryggsøylen hos oppdrettsfisk Wargelius A, Fjelldal P.G., Nordgarden U., Berg A. og Hansen T., Havforskningsinstituttet Havbruksrapporten 2004

A white paper on genomics in European Aquaculture Research. Patrick Prunet, Antonio Figueras, Kristina Sundell, Deborah Power, Brendan McAndrew, Yann Guiguen, Georgious Kotulas, Niklolai Mugue, Pierrick Haffray, Frank Nilsen, Anna Wargelius and Geir Lasse Taranger, 2009

Oppdrett av steril fisk, Tom Hansen, Anna Wargelius, Geir Lasse Taranger, Per Gunnar Fjelldal, FKD rapport 2012

Alternative metoder for produksjon av steril fisk, Anna Wargelius, Tom Hansen, Geir Lasse Taranger, Oral presentation to Aquagen January 2012

Sterile salmon by targeting factors involved in germ cell survival: novel vaccination strategies for sustainable fish farming, Anna Wargelius Oral presentation to Fisheries and coastal Affaires, Bergen, Norway 2012

Utvikling av steril fisk ved hjelp av nye vaksinasjonsmetoder. Anna Wargelius, Rolf Brudvik Edvardsen, Geir Lasse Taranger. Havbruksrap



Erik Kjærner-Semb. GWAS to find trais under selection

Shou Wang Current cosupervisor for PhD candidate in NFR FRIBIO project ” Deciphering embryonic segmentation, Genes that control the repeat pattern of the vertebral column.” 2011-2014 Thesis delivered Dec 18th 20

Lene Kleppe Current supervisor for PhD candidate in the EU project “LIFECYCLE”, ( 2010-2013

Christel Krossøy Cosupervisor for PhD thesis, “Vitamin K in farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar L.) with emphasis on bone.”, dissertation for the degree philosophiae doctor (PhD), University of Bergen, Norway


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