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A network for improvement of cephalopod welfare and husbandry in research, aquaculture and fisheries. This site is a database for the participants in the project.

Identification of the basic needs of cephalopods is an essential prerequisite for developing the CephsInAction welfare index-models (CWI-Ms) and the prospective severity assessments.  The CWI-Ms are focused on a selected subset of relevant cephalopod species and each model will rely on species specific information about how different welfare indicators influence the animal's overall welfare status. The database provides a semantic modeling framework for linking needs with statements from the literature of how much different welfare indicators impact animal welfare and combining it into an overall scoring system.

This internet database will facilitate easy cooperation between CephsInAction members in developing the CWI-Ms.

More information is available at the project's website.

Leader board in entering welfare statements to the database

Total score
281Pamela Imperadore
53Lars H. Stien
16Benjamin Costas
16Silvia Lourenco
8Diego Garrido
4Raquel Fernandez Gago
4Eduardo Almansa Berro
3Gavan M Cooke
2Ricardo Tur
1Tore S. Kristiansen
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A description of the principles of functioning of the CWI Database is available here.


Lars H. Stien

Working Group Leader


The database is part of the COST Action FA1301-CephsInAction.
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COST Action FA1301

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