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Lars H. Stien

Lars Helge Stien

Phone: 912 43 951
Visiting address: Forskningsstasjon Austevoll 5392 Storebø C.Sunds gt. 64 5817Bergen

Works with

I am currently working on an expert system for assessing fish welfare in aquaculture (www.imr.no/welfaremeter) and a schema for assessing salmon welfare (www.imr.no/swim). 

Curriculum Vitae

1995-2002: Ph.D. course: Applied digital image analysis, Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala University, Sweden. Ph.D. course: Digital Microscopy and Image Analysis, University of Copenhagen. Candidatus Scientiarum, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Informatics, University of Bergen. Thesis title: Automatic image analysis of salmon fillets (in Norwegian: Automatisk bildeanalyse av laksefileter).

2003-2006: Philosophiae doctor, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Biology, University of Bergen. Thesis title: Application of Machine vision to quantify rigor development, colour and fat content in slaughtered fish. Course: Laboratory Animal Science for FELASA category C researchers, Faculty of medicine, University of Bergen.
2007: PhD Course on Statistical and Syntactic Pattern Recognition at Agder University College.

Employment, project management and participation
2006: Researcher III (no: forsker III), Department of Biology, University of Bergen.
2006-2008: Post doctor position at the Institute of Marine Research. Member of the ‘Fish Welfare in Aquatic Production’-group, later renamed to: ‘Animal welfare’-group. Main working areas: fish welfare, development of welfare assessment systems, statistical analysis and image analysis.
2008-: Researcher position at the Institute of Marine Research. Member of the ‘Animal welfare’-group. Main working areas: fish welfare, development of welfare assessment systems, statistical analysis and image analysis.

Selected publications

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  • Stien, L. H., Suontama, J., Kiessling, A, 2006. Image analysis as a tool to quantify rigor contraction in pre-rigor-filleted fillets. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 50, 109-120.
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