Hopp til hovedteksten
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Safety first

After refuelling from a tanker anchored up in the fjord just outside Stanley on the Falkland Islands it was time for a safety exercise. The alarm sounded and everybody gathered just behind the bridge on the fifth deck. There we were instructed to don survival suits and enter the lifeboat.

G.O. Sars’ lifeboat seats 50 people. We were only 40 in it, but it still felt cramped and slightly claustrophobic inside. Being stuck in this boat for a day or two is not an appealing prospect. However, this gave us an opportunity to practice putting on the survival suit. Here we have just been allowed off the lifeboat and captain Preben Vindenes gives the last instruction in correct emergency behavior and use of safety equipment. (Photo: Gunnleiv Midttveit)

The safety drill was held just after refueling from this tanker. (Photo: Kjartan Mæstad)

Part of Stanley as seen from the boat. (Photo: Kjartan Mæstad)

Whales in sight. (Photo: Gunnleiv Midttveit)

The ships zodiac was launched as part of the safety drill. Seven of us got to take a small trip around the bay. We first had a look at a colony of Jackass Penguins and then headed for Stanley. (Photo: Gunnleiv Midttveit)


- Are you coming ashore, some uniforms asked when we were just a few feet from the dock. – If possible, we answered. – No problem, but could you use the other pier, the uniforms replied.
The only thing they found somewhat strange was that we only stayed ten minutes in Stanley, just enough time to take a few pictures. (Photo: Kjartan Mæstad)

But we had to get back to “G.O. Sars”. Here the research vessel is at anchor in the bay just outside Stanley on the Falkland Islands.

G.O. Sars' posisjon,  12 GMT  9. january 2008.