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Enhanced production capacity of low trophic suspension feeders by controlled upwelling of nutrient-rich deep water

Tore Strohmeier, Øivind Strand, Jan Aure, Samuel Rastrick, Christofer Troedsson, Pablo Balseiro Vigo, Ramón Filgueira, Peter Cranford

Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Comparison of whole animal costs of protein synthesis among polar and temperate populations of the same species of gammarid amphipod

Samuel Rastrick, NM Whiteley
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A 207 p. 100-106

Sperm motility and fertilisation success in an acidified and hypoxic environment

Helen Graham, Samuel Rastrick, Helen S. Findlay, Matthew G. Bentley, Stephen Widdicombe, Anthony S. Clare, Gary S. Caldwell
ICES Journal of Marine Science 73 p. 783-790

Temporal fluctuations in seawater pCO2 may be as important as mean differences when determining physiological sensitivity in natural systems

Daniel P. Small, Marco Milazzo, Camilla Bertolini, Helen Graham, Chris Hauton, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, Samuel Rastrick
ICES Journal of Marine Science 73 p. 604-612

Individual and population-level responses to ocean acidification

Ben P. Harvey, Niall J. McKeown, Samuel Rastrick, Camilla Bertolini, Andy Foggo, Helen Graham, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, Marco Milazzo, Paul W. Shaw, Daniel P. Small, Pippa J. Moore
Scientific Reports 6

Physiological advantages of dwarfing in surviving extinctions in high-CO 2 oceans

Vittorio Garilli, Riccardo Rodolfo-Metalpa, Danilo Scuderi, Lorenzo Brusca, Daniela Parrinello, Samuel Rastrick, Andy Foggo, Richard J. Twitchett, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, Marco Milazzo
Nature Climate Change 5 p. 678-682
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