Cecilie Hansen

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Telefon: 984 31 016

Arbeider med

-Å sette opp ATLANTIS for Barentshavet og de nordiske hav. ATLANTIS er en 3-dimensjonal boks modell som inneholder alt fra næringstoffer, temperatur og saltholdighet, plankton og dyreplankton, fisk, marine pattedyr, i tillegg til menneskelig påvirkning som for eksempel fiskeri.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal information:
Name : Cecilie Hansen
Date of birth : 15.04.1978
Citizenship : Norwegian
Address : Institute of marine research
Nordnesgaten 33
N-5005 Bergen
Telephone : +4798431016
E-mail : cecilie.hansen@imr.no

Research interest and experience : End-to-end models, with focus on the Barents and Nordic Seas. Combined climate and fisheries scenarios, effects of changes in populations and harvest control rules. Coupled physical-primary production models, with focus on the Nordic Seas.

Present position:
Researcher. Explore the combined effect of climate and fisheries scenarios in the Barents Sea with an end-to-end model (Atlantis).

Project experience:

2013- : Project leader, "Increased knowledge of the Barents Sea, funded on joint meetings, surveys, data bases and modelling" - funded by the Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs

2005-2008 : Phd in oceanography- University of Bergen, Geophysical Institute
2003-2005: University of Bergen, 80 points from department of Geophysics, oceanography.
Courses taken at the same time as working as a research assistant at Nansen
environmental and remote sensing center (NERSC).
1998-2003 : NTNU- Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Faculty of
Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, department of
Spring 2003, master thesis: “Prothesis design”.
1997-1998: University of Bergen, Ex.Phil+45 points mathematics.

Work experience:

2013-         : Researcher, Institute of Marine Research (2013/2014: 8 months  maternity leave)
2010-2013: Post Doc, Institute of Marine Research
2009-2010: 8 months maternity leave
2008-2010: Post Doc, NERSC
2005-2008 : PhD-student, NERSC
2003-2004: Research assistant, NERSC (Working on industry oriented modelling projects, modelling the South China Sea and the North Sea/Norwegian Sea)


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Hansen, C. and Samuelsen. Interannual variability of the primary production in the
Norwegian Sea: Relation to the NAO in a numerical model, in prep.

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Hansen, C. 2008. Simulated primary production in the Norwegian Sea – Interannual
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