Cecilie Hansen

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Telefon: 98431016
Avdeling: Økosystemprosesser 2180

Curriculum Vitae

End-to-end models (Atlantis), with focus on the Barents and Nordic Seas. Combined climate and harvesting management scenarios, effects of changes in populations and harvest control rules. Effects of ocean acidification on higher trophic levels and the consequences for fisheries. Individual based models for zooplankton, fish and fisheries (Norwecom.e2e). Ecosystem based approach to management, integrated ecosystem assessments, ecosystem characterization.

Arbeider med

-Å sette opp ATLANTIS for Barentshavet og de nordiske hav. ATLANTIS er en 3-dimensjonal boks modell som inneholder alt fra næringstoffer, temperatur og saltholdighet, plankton og dyreplankton, fisk, marine pattedyr, i tillegg til menneskelig påvirkning som for eksempel fiskeri.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal information:
Name : Cecilie Hansen
Date of birth : 15.04.1978
Citizenship : Norwegian
Address : Institute of marine research
Nordnesgaten 33
N-5005 Bergen
Telephone : +4798431016
E-mail : cecilie.hansen@imr.no

Research interest and experience : End-to-end models, with focus on the Barents and Nordic Seas. Combined climate and fisheries scenarios, effects of changes in populations and harvest control rules. Coupled physical-primary production models, with focus on the Nordic Seas.

Present position:
Researcher. Explore the combined effect of climate and fisheries scenarios in the Barents Sea with an end-to-end model (Atlantis).

Project experience:

2013- : Project leader, "Increased knowledge of the Barents Sea, funded on joint meetings, surveys, data bases and modelling" - funded by the Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs

2005-2008 : Phd in oceanography- University of Bergen, Geophysical Institute
2003-2005: University of Bergen, 80 points from department of Geophysics, oceanography.
Courses taken at the same time as working as a research assistant at Nansen
environmental and remote sensing center (NERSC).
1998-2003 : NTNU- Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Faculty of
Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, department of
Spring 2003, master thesis: “Prothesis design”.
1997-1998: University of Bergen, Ex.Phil+45 points mathematics.

Work experience:

2013-         : Researcher, Institute of Marine Research (2013/2014: 8 months  maternity leave)
2010-2013: Post Doc, Institute of Marine Research
2009-2010: 8 months maternity leave
2008-2010: Post Doc, NERSC
2005-2008 : PhD-student, NERSC
2003-2004: Research assistant, NERSC (Working on industry oriented modelling projects, modelling the South China Sea and the North Sea/Norwegian Sea)


Samuelsen, A., Bertino, L. and Hansen, C. The 2007 North Atlantic spring bloom in
operational analysis from the TOPAZ system. Ocean Sci. Discuss., 6, 343-369,

Hansen, C . and Samuelsen, A. 2009. Influence of horizontal model grid resolution on the
simulated primary production in an embedded primary production model in the Norwegian Sea. Journal of Marine Systems, 75(1-2): 236-244

Samuelsen, A. and Huse, G. and Hansen, C . 2009: Shelf recruitment of Calanus
finnmarchicus off the west coast of Norway – the role of physical processes and timing of diapause termination, Marine Ecology Progress Series (In Press)

Hansen, C. and Samuelsen. Interannual variability of the primary production in the
Norwegian Sea: Relation to the NAO in a numerical model, in prep.

Hansen, C. , Kvaleberg, E. and Samuelsen, A, 2010. .Anticyclonic eddies in the Norwegian
Sea: Their generation, evolution and impact on primary production. Deep-Sea
Research, Part I, 57(9):1079-1091.

Planque, B, Primicerio, R., Michalsen, K., Aschan, M., Certain, G., Dalpadado, P., Gjøsæter, H., Hansen,C. , Johannesen, E., Jørgensen, L.L., Kolsum, I., Kortsch, S., Leclerc, L.-M., Omli, L., Mauritzen, M.S., Wiedmann, M.,2014: Who eats whom in the Barents Sea: a food web topology from planton to whales. Ecology, 95(5):1430.

Hansen, C. 2008. Simulated primary production in the Norwegian Sea – Interannual
variability and impact of mesoscale activity. Ph.D. thesis, Geofysisk Institutt,
Universitetet i Bergen,

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