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Pasgear 2

PASGEAR 2 is a customised data base package primarily intended for experimental or artisanal fishery data. It is a tool that neatly and quickly lets you store and analyse fishery data from various survey designs and methods (Experimental gillnets, catch assessment surveys (CAS), trawl surveys, UVC, etc).

Although PASGEAR has many of the features of an advanced database, it is intended for users with little or no experience in computerized data bases, or with limited access to sophisticated computer equipment. Emphasis has been put on easy data input, editing and manipulation, and on procedures for checking and 'cleaning' data records. All data can be explored, tabulated, analysed and displayed graphically in the analysis section by query selecting, various groupings, and calculations of a wide range of statistics. A number of predefined extraction, condensing and calculation macros have been incorporated which give an easy overview of large data files and serve the need of the most fundamental data-exploration and most common primary 'analyses' of experimental or statistical fisheries data.

This is a portal only. If you have questions or comments then please contact Jeppe Kolding at Department of Biology, University of Bergen.