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Blue ling
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Blue ling

Blue ling are distributed on the continental shelf and slope, from Morocco to the southwestern Barents Sea and west to Iceland. Blue ling are abundant and prefers relatively warm, deep water on the continental slope, and in the Norwegian fjords.

Blue ling usually prefers depths between 350 and 500 meters, but blue ling also dwells in waters from 200 to 1500 meters deep. Blue ling are also found in the Mediterranean Sea, off Greenland, and in the Atlantic Ocean off Canada and the United States from Labrador to Cape Cod.
Their diet consists mainly of fish. Known spawning areas are: the Reykjanes Bank south of Iceland; around the Faeroes Islands; an area west of the Hebrides, and along the Great Edge (Storegga). The relative abundance of blue ling that use these spawning grounds is unknown. Unlike ling and tusk, blue ling spawn in dense aggregations.

Map of distribution

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