Hotel Augusta
Hotel Augusta, in IJmuiden, Hollan.  Venue for writing session on SWIM 2.0.
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Writing session on SWIM 2.0

The Salmowa team gathered in IJmuiden, Holland 28-30 November 2012 to collaborate on the SWIM 2.0 paper.

While SWIM 1.0 is designed for fish farmers, SWIM 2.0 supplements with indicators that require the skills of fish health professionals, i.e. expertise in fish health, pathology, treatment and disease prevention in relationship with the environment, technicalities and salmon production. The goal is to get the SWIM 2.0 paper submitted before April 2013. The SWIM 1.0 paper has been accepted for publication in the journal Reviews in Aquaculture.

Hans van de Vis holding a presentation for Paul Midtlyng, Tore Kristiansen, Marck Bracke, Jostein M. Pettersen and Lars H. Stien. The two last are not included in the image.

Photo: Lars H. Stien

During the meeting, we got the opportunity to visit senior Scientist Hans van de Vis at IMARES who gave a presentation of his work on fish welfare. We also got to visit a local producer of Yellow tail Kingfish.


SALMOWA - Overall welfare assessment (OWA) of farmed salmon (SALM).

Project period: 2010-2012


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Animal welfare
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