Fish sampling Kråkneset, Aukra
Fish sampling for the welfare assessment using the SWIM 1.0 model (in press).  Liv Birte Rønneberg, Jostein M Pettersenm Jonatan Nilsson and Ole Folkedal.
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On farm testing of SWIM 1.0 started

To evaluate and validate the ease and operational feasibility of the recently developed SWIM 1.0 model in the field, a number of farms rearing Atlantic salmon were visited this summer. The first round of evaluation of the SWIM method was conducted in four different regions of Norway (Hordaland, Møre og Romsdal, Nord-Trøndelag and Finnmark). A total number of 11 farms were visited. All farms had 1+ smolts. At each farm, 20 fish from the pen with the highest mortality (calculated from the last 7 days) and 20 fish from the pen with lowest mortality were examined.

Sampling of fish was conducted with assistance from the fish farm staff and on some farms also fish health service, and was performed using either a seine net or dip net. The fish were lightly sedated before examination. One person evaluated the fish while another took the necessary notes, 6 out of the 20 fishes from each pen were euthanized and a necropsy was performed. In addition necropsies were conducted on 6 mortalities from both pens. Population and environmental indicators were obtained by interviewing the staff and extracting information from the farmers IT-systems. Out of the experiences achieved from this pilot field study, a proposal for adjusted welfare indicators and score sheets levels is outlined. The same farms and cages will be revisited for a new SWIM test the coming autumn.


SALMOWA - Overall welfare assessment (OWA) of farmed salmon (SALM).

Project period: 2010-2012


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