Low welfare
Salmon with low welfare according to the SWIM 1.0-model.
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Model for OWA of Atlantic salmon published (SWIM 1.0)

The SWIM 1.0-model has now been published in Aquaculture Reviews.

SWIM 1.0 is a semantic model for overall welfare assessment (OWA) of Atlantic salmon reared in sea cages. The model uses 17 welfare indicators: Five based on the environment in the cage: water temperature, salinity, oxygen saturation, water current and, lighting Three based on the fish population: stocking density, daily mortality ratio and appetite One based on the recent stress events: disturbances. And eight based on a random sample of 20 individual fish from the cage: sea lice infestation ratio, body condition, emaciated fish, vertebral deformation, maturation stage, smoltification state, fin condition and skin condition. Based on the results for the individuals a standard individual is calculated to represent the population. To estimate each indicators relative impact on welfare all the indicators are weighted based on their literature reviews and according to weighting factors defined as part of the semantic modelling framework. This is ultimately amalgamated into an overall model that calculates an overall welfare index. More importantly, the model identifies how each indicator contributes (negatively and positively) to the overall index and hence what welfare needs are compromised or fulfilled.

Full specifics of the model, its scientific basis and how to use it, are given in the published article.

Stien, L. H., Bracke, M. B. M., Folkedal, O., Nilsson, J., Oppedal, F., Torgersen, T., Kittilsen, S., Midtlyng, P. J., Vindas, M. A., Øverli, Ø. and Kristiansen, T. S. (2013), Salmon Welfare Index Model (SWIM 1.0): a semantic model for overall welfare assessment of caged Atlantic salmon: review of the selected welfare indicators and model presentation. Reviews in Aquaculture, 5: 33–57. doi: 10.1111/j.1753-5131.2012.01083.x (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1753-5131.2012.01083.x/abstract)


SALMOWA - Overall welfare assessment (OWA) of farmed salmon (SALM).

Project period: 2010-2012


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