Low welfare

Model for OWA of Atlantic salmon published (SWIM 1.0)

The SWIM 1.0-model has now been published in Aquaculture Reviews.

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Writing session on SWIM 2.0

The Salmowa team gathered in IJmuiden, Holland 28-30 November 2012 to collaborate on the SWIM 2.0 paper.

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On farm testing of SWIM 1.0 started

To evaluate and validate the ease and operational feasibility of the recently developed SWIM 1.0 model in the field, a number of farms rearing Atlantic salmon were visited this summer.

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Two SALMOWA presentations at HAVBRUK 2012

Every other year, "Aquaculture - An Industry in Growth" (one of the Norwegian Research Council's seven major programs) arrange a conference where the projects funded by the program present their results. This year at Havbruk 2012, Stavanger, the SALMOWA project had two presentations at the conference, both in Sustainability session headed by Kjell Maroni (FHF).

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Two SALMOWA presentations at Aquaculture Europe 2011

The Salmowa team had two, presentations at at Aquaculture Europe 2011 conference in Rhodes, Greece, October 18-21.2011.

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Poster at SEB Annual Main Meeting 2011

Results from the Frustrative non-reward experiment were presented at the SEB Annual Main Meeting 2011.

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Marc Bracke interviewed by NRK P2 - Ekko

SALMOWA researcher Marc Bracke has been interviewed by the NRK P2 Ekko science program.

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WP2 update. Frustrative non-reward experiment

Background: The project will evaluate a novel non-invasive indicator that are likely to reflect the neuroendocrine status of the individual fish, the black melanin-based pigment spots that are found on all salmonid fish. It has recently been shown that inheritable differences in stress coping style are reflected in the number of black spots (Kittilsen et al., 2009). In short, fish with few spots are more sensitive to stress and react with high cortisol levels, panic, and anorexia to disturbances. Fish with many spots show the opposite pattern, with low cortisol values and more proactive behaviour.

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Fish Welfare and SALMOWA high at the agenda at the Aquaculture Europe 2010 conference in Porto

The Aquaculture Europe 2010 conference in Porto had fish welfare high on its agenda. Not only were many of the talks and posters related to fish welfare, the conference also had its own session on fish welfare and ethics. The session was chaired by Catarina Martins (CCMAR, Portugal).

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SWIM (WP1) reaches first milestone

The relational database and semantic modeling web application for SWIM is ready as a first prototype. The application is designed for performing a semantic modeling procedure to create semantic models of salmon welfare. The procedure has five main steps:

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PhD position

The Department of Animal and Aquaculture Sciences (IHA), Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) has a free PhD position from 1’st of September 2010.

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Press release

Marck Bracke has written a press release for the Salmowa -project.

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Second meeting

The second meeting for the SALMOWA-project was held at Matre Research Station, June 2-4. 2010. The meeting had three main goals:

  1. Presentation and discussion on work on creating a Fin Index for salmon
  2. Presentation and discussion of Swim web application for entering Swim data frame
  3. Planning of experiments this autumn.
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First meeting

The startup meeting for the SALMOWA-project was held at Matre Research Station, March 9-10. 2010. Attending the meeting was Tore S. Kristiansen (IMR, project leader), Paul Midtlyng (NSVS), Øyvind Øverli(UMB) , Ragnar Nortvedt (Marin Harvest), Silje Kittelsen (NSVS), Frode Oppedal (IMR), Lars H. Stien (IMR), and via teleconferencing Marc Bracke(WUR). The meeting had two main goals:

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SALMOWA - Overall welfare assessment (OWA) of farmed salmon (SALM).

Project period: 2010-2012


Tore S. Kristiansen
Research group leader
Animal welfare
+47 92069918