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Reports - 2017

DNA damage and health effects in juvenile haddock exposed to sediment or produced water associated PAHs (Report from IMR no. 3-2017)

The Condition Monitoring in the North Sea the last ten years have documented genotoxic effects (DNA adduct) in fish collected in areas with extensive offshore oil and gas activity. However, the source and identity of genotoxic compound has not been identified. The objective of this project has been to study the formation of DNA damage in haddock exposed to petrogenic or pyrogenic polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from different sources: Extracts of produced water (Statfjord A); distillation fractions of crude oil from Gullfaks (representing oil based drilling mud); pyrogenic PAH This report presents all the results from the study on DNA adducts and a selection of other biological effect parameters.
2017.02.10 11:37

The surveillance and control programme for bonamiosis and marteiliosis in European flat oysters, Ostrea edulis, and blue mussels, Mytilus sp. in Norway in 2016 (Rapport fra Havforskningen nr. 18-2017)

The surveillance programme was carried out in accordance with the model established in 2015, including four wild beds and one oyster farm, based on the present distribution of wild beds, and the structure of the oyster industry. Samples were collected in April/May and in October, in order to be able to detect Bonamia sp. and Marteilia sp. during the periods when the potential prevalence could be at the highest. 

2017.05.15 14:50