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Here you will find chronicles authored by IMR employees. The chronicles have been published in various media.

Chronicles - 2012

Published: 11.10.2012 - Updated: 02.11.2012
The Norwegian - Russian Fisheries Commission

Norway, Russia and the Barents Sea Fisheries

Chronicle  in Nordlys 11.10.12: International fisheries are often bad news. Unsustainable fishing practices are found in many areas, as for example the North Sea. In the Barents Sea, a 1,4 million km2 sea bordering the Arctic Ocean, things are different. Huge stocks of cod, haddock and capelin are in good shape. For cod a record high quota of one million tons has been set for 2013, which equals a landed value of almost three million USD. This happy state of affairs begs the question: what do Norway and Russia do to succeed like this, and can the success be replicated elsewhere?