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IMR - PINRO samarbeidsrapporter - 2018

Fish investigations in the Barents Sea Winter 2018 (IMR-PINRO 1-2018)

This report presents the main results from the surveys in January-March 2018.

2018.05.02 15:11
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Survey report from the joint Norwegian/Russian Ecosystem Survey in the Barents Sea and adjacent waters, August–October 2017 (IMR/PINRO report no. 2-2018)

The aim of the joint Norwegian/Russian ecosystem survey in the Barents Sea and adjacent waters, August-October (BESS) is to monitor the status of abiotic and biotic factors and changes of these in the Barents Sea ecosystem. The survey has since 2004 been undertaken annually in the autumn.

2018.06.26 10:28
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