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IMR - PINRO samarbeidsrapporter - 2017

Fish investigations in the Barents Sea winter 2017 (IMR–PINRO-report no. 3-2017)

This report presents the main results from the surveys in January–March 2017. The surveys were performed with the Norwegian research vessels “Helmer Hanssen” and “G.O. Sars”. Annual survey reports since 1981 are listed in Appendix 1, and names of scientific participants are given in Appendix 3.

2017.09.28 12:23
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Report from the Norwegian-Russian workshop on acoustic echogram scrutiny held 30 November – 01 December 2016 in Bergen, Norway (IMR-PINRO report no 4-2017)

The aim of the workshop was to standardise the scrutiny of echograms during the Barents Sea ecosystem survey (BESS). The workshop contained a part with practical work where the survey leaders/acousticians worked together to scrutinize selected echograms from the BESS, after which results were compared. In addition, there were plenary discussions about best practice and challenges with the scrutiny during BESS.

2017.11.14 09:25
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