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IMR - PINRO samarbeidsrapporter - 2016

IMR-Pinro report no 1-2016

Survey report from the joint Norwegian/Russian ecosystem Survey in the Barents Sea and adjacent waters, August – October 2015.

2016.11.23 14:57
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IMR-Pinro report no 2-2016 Report on the Barents Sea Ecosystem Part II - Complete report

This is the full version of the Joint Norwegian-Russian environmental status 2013 report on the Barents Sea Ecosystem. The report was initiated by the Joint Russian-Norwegian Commission on Environmental Cooperation and the work has been carried out in co-operation with the Joint Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission.

2016.09.19 10:27
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IMR-PINRO report no 4-2016 - winter survey 2016 (updated)

Fish investigations in the Barents sea winter 2016

2017.09.14 14:47
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