Fishery Forum for Development Cooperation

The Norwegian Fishery Forum for Development Cooperation is an informal forum for cooperation between Norwegian institutions involved in or with interests for working in the fishery sector assistance in development countries. The Fishery Forum was established by Norad in 2003 and is headed by a group of representatives from some of the institutions involved. The Forum has arranged several meetings and seminars and receives economic support from Norad. The secretariat function of the Forum is vested in the CDCF.

The main purpose of the Fishery Forum is to be a meeting point for editing and discussion of thoughts, ideas and principles of importance for the development cooperation within the fishery sector. The Forum also aims to make favorable conditions for technical contacts and possible organized cooperation between Norwegian institutions that can be used in current and planned development projects.

Contact and visiting address

Erlend Moksness
Tel: +47 37 05 90 41
Mob: +47 905 73 625

Njård Håkon Gudbrandsen
Tel: +47 55 23 69 74
Mob: +47 415 11 842

Norsk versjon:

Fiskerifaglig Forum