Hopp til hovedteksten
Il. photo Aquatic acidification
The most northerly ocean acidification perturbation experiment to date, Kongsfjorden, Ny Ålesund, Svalbard, Summer 2010. Photo:Anna Silyakova, MERCLIM/EPOCA, Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
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Acidification in aquatic environments

Workshop on acidification in aquatic environments: What can marine science learn from limnological studies of acid rain?

Rationale for the workshop

Although there is a long and extensive history of research into the effects of acid rain in freshwaters, to date this has not been explicitly and systematically tapped into to inform the rapidly increasing research effort into ocean acidification. This workshop will bring together experts on acid rain (AR) with those working on ocean acidification (OA).

The workshop will be organized around sets of invited lectures by experts on various aspects of AR and OA, from biogeochemistry, to effects on organisms and ecosystems, to possible socioeconomic impacts.


Sampling at Large Røytjern in the Langtjerns basin (municipality of Flå, Buskerud, Norway) in autumn 1969 under the project “acid rain effects on forests and fishes”. Egil Gjessing (on the left), Arne Henriksen (on the right).

Photo: Arne Henriksen
 Participation in the workshop is open to all interested parties. However, there will be no contributed presentations. Rather, the focus will be on interactive discussions focused on questions such as how AR research can inform and cross-fertilize OA research and on the scales and rates of change of AR and OA and how different organismal groups cope with that over different time scales.