Hopp til hovedteksten
Danger Polar Bear
Dangersign: Polar Bear
Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen
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The symposium language is English, and Proceedings of the symposium will be edited by the Norwegian part of the symposium program committee, and published in the IMR/PINRO Joint Report Series. If a sufficient number of presentations has a content and quality that would merit more than merely printing in the traditional Proceedings, selected papers from the symposium will get the opportunity to be published in a peer reviewed scientific journal, presumably in a special issue of the journal Marine Biology Research. Other journals may be considered.

How to attend:

The Symposium program committee would appreciate participation from scientists dealing with issues relevant to the symposium topics. Please submit a title and a short preliminary abstract as soon as possible to the secretary of the Symposium program committee, Vera Helene Lund. Also, indicate under which theme you wish to present your contribution, and whether you want it to be an oral or a poster presentation. Due to restrictions with regard to do preliminary block bookings of air tickets, the deadline for submission is set at 15 January 2011

Where and when?

Venue: The University Centre in Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Time: 6-9 September 2011