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1. Coastal habitats and ecosystem services

- Spatial scale of population dynamics and local adaptation
- Terrestrial-freshwater-marine interactions
- Importance of coastal habitats for fish stocks and biodiversity
- Goods and services of the coastal systems
- Indicators of coastal ecosystem health
- Valuation of ecological qualities
- Indicators of sustainability (societal, ecological)
- Indigenous value of coastal habitats
- Vulnerability assessment
- Utilization of modern seabed- and habitat mappings

2. Adaptation/mitigation to change in coastal systems

- Forecasting biological and ecosystem responses to climate change
- Coastal tourism and urbanisation
- Eutrophication and pollution
- Invasive species
- Pulse impacts (regional flooding, oil spills)
- Maritime Transport
- Coastal renewable energy
- Cumulative impacts
- Habitat destruction and modification
- Coastal use and coastal defence

3. Understanding future climate impacts in coastal areas

- Resistance and resilience of coastal ecosystems
- Adaptive capacity to respond to climate change
- New methods (GIS, remote sensing, LiDAR, simulations and ecosystem modeling)
- Genomic approaches to understanding biological change

4. Coastal governance

- Managing multiple resource and area uses
- Multi-scale governance structures
- Involving stakeholders in Coastal Zone Management (CZM)
- Scales of stakeholder involvement
- The role of dissemination and public perception in coastal policies
- Lessons learned (especially related to evolving/adaptive management)

5. Linking science and management

- How can indicators be useful to improve management practices
- Information needs for policy making and management
- Linking watersheds and the coastal zone
- Linking Coastal Zone Management and marine value creation (fisheries and aquaculture)
- Managing water resources (water quality and supply)
- Preserving cultural heritage and local coastal communities
- Resolving problems of scale and seasonality
- Integrating science advice into policy decisions
- Blue growth