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Key note speakers

Introductory lecture 

Erik Solheim (Executive Director, UNEP) - The significance of coastal ecosystems on a global scale (TBC)


Invited key-note speakers

Theme 1: Coastal habitats and ecosystem services
Tetsuo Yanagi (Japan): Development of Coastal Management Method to Realize the Sustainable Coastal Sea

Theme 2: Adaptation/mitigation to change in coastal systems
Lara Hansen (USA): The need and opportunity for including climate change in coastal system management

Theme 3: Understanding future climate impacts in coastal areas
Carlos M. Duarte (Spain): Factoring coastal ecosystems in solutions or climate change mitigation and adaptation

Theme 4: Coastal governance
Catherine Banet (Norway)Improved permitting procedures for increased coordination between economic activities in coastal areas

Theme 5: Linking science and management
David R. Schiel (New Zealand)Understanding multiple stressors, tipping points and resilience for effective Ecosystem-Based Management