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Frode Vikebø

Telefon: 938 72 238
Besøksadresse: Havforskningsinstituttet Postboks 1870 Nordnes 5817 Bergen Tlf.: 55 23 85 00 Faks: 55 23 85 31

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My main professional interests are; i) general ocean circulation models and the simulation of past, present, and future climate; ii) individual-based models of growth, survival, and dispersion of early life stages of fish, and the coupling with regional ocean models; iii) physical processes affecting coastal circulation and cross-shelf transport.

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Frode Bendiksen Vikebø

Born: 310375

Nationality: Norwegian

Present position: Senior Scientist

Academic degrees: Dr. Scient, oceanography, University of Bergen, Norway, 2005

Work experience:
Jan. 07: Scientist at the Institute of Marine Research.
May. 05-Des. 06: Post. doc. at the department of Biology, University of Bergen.
Nov. 01-May.05: Phd. student at the department of Geophysics, University of Bergen and Institute of Marine Research.
Apr. 01-Nov. 01: Scientist at the department of Mathematics, University of Bergen.
Aug. 00-Apr. 01: Scientist at the department of Geophysics, University of Bergen.

Field of interest:
My main professional interests are; i) general ocean circulation models and the simulation of past, present, and future climate; ii) individual-based models of growth, survival, and dispersion of early life stages of fish, and the coupling with regional ocean models; iii) physical processes affecting coastal circulation and cross-shelf transport.

Membership, review work, outreach etc:
Reviewer for Progress in Oceanography, ICES Journal of Marine Science, Fish Biology etc. Group leader for research group 5 'Future climate and regional effects' at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research.

Peer review publications:

48. Carroll J, Vikebø FB, Howell D, Broch OJ, Nepstad R, Augustine S, Skeie GM, Bast R, Juselius J (To be submitted) Resiliency of a healthy fish stock to recruitment losses from oil spills.

47. Vikebø FB, Broch OJ et al. (To be submitted) Predator-prey interactions on the Norwegian Continental shelf – starvation mortality in Northeast Arctic cod larvae.

46. Strand KO, Sundby S, Albretsen J and Vikebø FB (Submitted to Frontiers in Marine Science) The northeast Greenland shelf as a potential habitat for the Northeast Arctic cod.

45. Langangen Ø, Hjermann D, Olsen, E, Stige C, Ohlberger J, Yaragina NA, Vikebø FB, Bogstad B and Stenseth NC (2017) Implications of spatial variation in natural mortality: the effects of oil spills on marine fish. Marine Pollution Bulletin.

44. Lien V, Schlichtholz P, Skagseth Ø and Vikebø FB (2017) Wind-driven Atlantic water flow as a direct mode for reduced Barents Sea ice cover. Journal of Climate. Doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1175/JCLI-D-16-0025.1

43. Sandvik H, Barrett RT, Erikstad KE, Myksvoll MS, Vikebø FB, Anker-Nilssen T, Lorentsen SH, Reiertsen TK, Skardhamar J, Skern_mauritzen M, Systad GH (2016) Drift patterns of fish larvae link coastal morphology to seabird colony distribution. Nature Communication 7 doi 10.1038/ncomms11599.

42. Langangen Ø, Ottersen G, Lorenzo C, Vikebø FB, Stige LC (2016) Reproductive strategy of a migratory fish stock (Barents Sea cod, Gadus morhua L): Implications of spatial variations in natural mortality. JCFAS. 2015-0321.R1

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39. Stige LC, Langangen Ø, Yaragina NA, Vikebø FB, Bogstad B, Ottersen G, Stenseth NC, Hjermann DØ (2015) Combined statistical and mechanistc modelling suggests food and temperature effects on survival of early life stages of Northeast Arctic cod (Gadus morhua). Progress in Oceanography pp. 138-151 DOI information: 10.1016/j.pocean.2015.01.009

38. Barrett R, Erikstad K, Sandvik H, Myksvoll M, Jenni-Eiermann S, Kristensen D, Moum T, Reiertsen T and Vikebø F (2015) The stress hormone corticosterone reflects within-seasonal match-mismatch between food abundance and cost of breeding in a marine top-predator. Ecology and Evolution 02/2015; DOI: 10.1002/ece3.1438

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Recent non per-review articles include:
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Recent presentations:
NTVA+Polarkomite møte, NERSC, invited oral presentation, 29 sept. 2009.
Globec Open Science Meeting, Victoria, oral presentation, 22-26 June 2009.
ICES Annual Science Conference, Halifax, oral presentation, 22-26 June 2008.
ICES/PICES/IOC symposium ‘Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Oceans’, Gijon, oral presentation, May 19-23 2008.
ICES/PICES Early Career Scientists Conference, Baltimore, USA oral presentation, 26-29 June 2007
The EcoFish Approach to Fisheries Advice workshop, Bergen, oral presentation, May 15-16 2006.
ICES WKAMF workshop, Nantes, oral presentation, April 3-5 2006.
’Ukens orienteering’, Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, invited oral presentation, 15. mars 2006.
ICES 2005 Annual Science Conference, Aberdeen, oral presentation, Sept. 20-24 2005.
PODS III, Physical Oceanography Dissertation Symposium, Waikoloa, Hawaii, invited oral presentation, May 1-7 2005.