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Aud Vold

Telefon: 995 06 930
Besøksadresse: C.Sundtsgt. 64, 4 etg.

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Leder for CRISP (Centre for Research-based Innovation i Sustainable fish capture and Processing technology)

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Curriculum Vitae

1972 – 1976: Agricultural University of Norway, branch for Management of Natural Recourses.
1980 Dr. Scient. degree at Institute of Zoology, Agricultural University of Norway Main subjects: Genetics, biochemistry and mathematics. Title of dissertation: Genetic Variation in Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus L.).

1.7.1976 - 31.12.1980 scholarship and scientist at Institute of Zoology, Agricultural University of Norway.

October 1985 until present, Scientist at Fish Capture Division, Bergen, Norway, only interupted by 4 years as Head of the Fish Capture group, and a sabbatical in Mozambique from 01.09.05 to 01.09.06. I also worked for 5 months as fishing technologist at Instituto Nacional de Desenvolvimento da Pesca de Pequena Escala (IDPPE), Mozambique.

I have been project leader of several national and international research projects, among which I will mention:
• ”Scientist in charge” at Institute of Marine Research, Norway, in the EU projects ”Survival of fish and Nephrops after escape from commercial fishing gears” 1996-98 and “Development of fishing gears with reduced effect on the environment” 2007-2009.
• Leader of three major projects focusing on interactions between fisheries and petroleum industry during 1997 and 1998: ”Trawling across pipelines in the North Sea”, ”Trawling along pipelines” and ”Re-use of abandoned petroleum platforms in the North Sea” funded by the oil industry.
• Leader of the project ”Biological sound from fish used for selective fishing” funded by the Norwegian Research Council 1998 - 2001.
• Coordinator of the EU FAIR-project “EUROGRID” from 01.08.00 to 01.01.02.
• Coordinator of the EU Quality of Life project “SURVIVAL” from 01.10.02.to 1.10.05

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