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News archive - August

Published: 28.08.2014

Production of lice families reveals valuable insights into pesticide resistance in lice

Scientists at the Institute of Marine Research, and the Salmon Louse Research Centre at the University of Bergen, both located in Norway, have for the first time produced families of sea lice in order to investigate resistance development in salmon lice. The ground-breaking work was conducted under the Norwegian Research Council funded project PrevenT, with PhD student Lina Ljungfelt leading the experiment.

Published: 21.08.2014
Kart dekkningsområde

The last MAREANO cruise this year has just started

Cruise diary: This week marks the start of the third and last MAREANO cruise in 2014. Onboard R/V G.O. Sars, we find 16 enthusiastic researchers and technicians who are all ready to examine the seafloor of the Finnmark coast and the SE Norwegian part of the Barents Sea.

Published: 19.08.2014

Much ice may hinder marine scientists in the Arctic

Oceanographer Randi Ingvaldsen heads a large research project with the object to find what will happen when the ice in the Arctic recedes. Ironically, the first cruise seems to be hindered by a lot of ice.

Published: 18.08.2014 - Updated: 20.08.2014
Florian Sambraus

Goes on stage with sterile Atlantic salmon

German Florian Sambraus is not easily frightened. This fall he competes for the Institute of Marine Research in the young scientist competition "Forsker grand prix". On stage he brings the debated sterile Atlantic salmon. 

Published: 13.08.2014 - Updated: 14.08.2014

Ready to examine the Barents Sea "from A to Z"

Once more the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) is ready to examine the Barents Sea "from A to Z". The annual ecosystem survey started when the research vessel "Johan Hjort" left the port of Tromsø yesterday.