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Published: 24.09.2013 - Updated: 25.09.2013
Is i Barentshavet

Arctic climate variability is normal

A new study demonstrates that natural variability in the Arctic is large, and is not conflicting the global warming trend.
Published: 24.09.2013 - Updated: 26.09.2013
Sea lice

New results change the lifecycle of the salmon louse

New results have shown that the salmon louse has seven larval stages before it develops into an adult. Previously, nine larval stages have been described. As the louse undergoes ecdysis between each stage, the number of molts has also been reduced.

Published: 03.09.2013

Escapees change the wild salmon

For the first time, scientists have managed to quantify how escaped salmon have interbred with wild salmon in Norwegian rivers. These results provide a basis for reassessing the impact that escapees from fish farms have on the wild salmon in Norwegian rivers.