Hopp til hovedteksten

News archive - October

Published: 14.10.2013 - Updated: 15.10.2013
Basket stars and feather stars

Living in a landslide

Cruise diary: MAREANO is currently mapping the southern part of Storegga, along the shelf edge and slope areas where a series of underwater landslides have occurred, most recently the famous Storegga slide, which dramatically altered the underwater landscape here some 8200 years ago.

Published: 08.10.2013
Sponge and crinoid

In deep water off Mørebankene

Cruise diary: The last piece of the bottom areas on and around Mørebankene are now surveyed by Mareano after two weeks work aboard the research ship G.O. Sars. A varying benthic fauna living within old avalanches and on plains has been videotaped and sampled. The rate is now set for the waters off the coastline from Kristiansund to Haltenbanken.