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News archive - November

Published: 29.11.2013
Contract signing

Norwegian research vessel to be built in Genova

RV Kronprins Haakon, the new advanced Norwegian polar research vessel, is to be built at Fincantieri yards in Genova, Italy. The contract was signed in Oslo today.

Published: 26.11.2013 - Updated: 29.11.2013
Polychaete worm

A bristle worm shuts the door on us

You'll never have seen anything like this before! A small bristle worm, just a few centimetres long, suddenly decides to withdraw into its house, closing the door tightly behind it.

Published: 20.11.2013
Fishing village Myanmar

2. diary: A dream comes true

Everyone has a dream? During childhood or when young, all people has a dream! Some people can make their dream come true, some not, and some enjoy life and adapt to their environment.

Published: 14.11.2013
The Shwedagon pagoda

Dr. Fridtjof Nansen surveying the waters of Myanmar

The EAF-Nansen project has returned to Myanmar after 33 years.  Four surveys with the old research vessel Dr. Fridtjof Nansen was carried out in the period 1979-1980 in cooperation with Burmese Government, Institute of Marine Research and FAO. The partners are the same now, although the country Burma has now changed its name to Myanmar. In addition, we have with us the BOBLME, the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem project.  Myanmar is the largest fishing nation in the Bay of Bengal region. Total marine catches are uncertain but estimates ranges as high as 1.3 – 1.8 million tons y-1. The wild fish sector contributes around 10 % to the GDP and large part of the human population finds their livelihood in this sector.