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News archive - June

Published: 26.06.2013 - Updated: 02.07.2013
Novaculops alvheimi

New fish species named after Oddgeir Alvheim

Seven new species of the wrasse family (Labridae) are described in the latest edition of the Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation. One of them – Novaculops alvheimi – has been named after Oddgeir Alvheim, who discovered the species when sorting a trawl catch on board Dr Fridtjof Nansen. 
Published: 25.06.2013
Munida sp.

Can we find gold in mud?

Cruise diary: MAREANO often writes cruise-reports about all the beautiful and exciting things we observe with out video-rig. This is of course a very important part of the MAREANO-programme, and much of our cruise-time is allocated to filming our videolines. These data are the backbone in our descriptions of nature types, and they are the basis for our maps (e.g. maps of vulnerable nature types). But don’t believe that all we do on a cruise is to sit in the dark videoroom watching the sea-floor. We sample using quite a lot of other methods as well!

Published: 17.06.2013 - Updated: 19.06.2013
Sponge forest on hard bottom.

The first MAREANO survey 2013 is in progress

Cruise Diary: MAREANO's first biology / geology / chemistry survey in 2013 started on Wednesday 12 June from Kristiansund, west of Norway. This time the research ship "Johan Hjort" is used.