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News archive - February

Published: 25.02.2013

Changing storm tracks can have climatic and ecological consequences in the Barents Sea

The low-pressure activity into the Barents Sea has been linked with the ocean circulation and the release of oceanic heat to the atmosphere. This can have both climatic and ecological consequences in the Barents Sea.

Published: 14.02.2013
Updated map showing the distribution of dominant biotopes across Tromsøflaket-Eggakanten.

Updated biotope map published for Tromsøflaket-Eggakanten

MAREANO’s map service now includes an updated map showing the predicted distribution of biotopes across the Tromsøflaket-Eggakanten region.

Published: 12.02.2013 - Updated: 20.02.2013

Arctic Ocean – an ocean without fishery

It is unlikely that the melting ice in the Arctic will lead to major changes in the fish patterns in the north. Cod and haddock have reached their northerly distribution limits, while redfish, capelin and herring can migrate into the Arctic Ocean to graze as they are pelagic species that swim freely in the water column. There is unlikely to be any commercial fishing in the Central Arctic Ocean for many, many years.