Hopp til hovedteksten

News archive - August

Published: 27.08.2013
Trawl haul with mackerel and herring

Record high mackerel estimate

After the ecosystem survey in the Norwegian Sea and surrounding waters this sumer, the scientists at the IMR give a record high abundance estimate of the Northeast Atlantic mackerel stock.  

Published: 14.08.2013
Fine-grained sediments

Environmental samples from new areas of the Barents Sea

Cruise diary: The ongoing MAREANO cruise has collected sediment samples from 12 000 km2 of the Barents Sea, along the Russian border. The sampled area stretches 400 km north of the coast of Finnmark. With fine weather and a good working effort, samples have been collected at all planned stations.

Published: 09.08.2013 - Updated: 12.08.2013
Sea anemones

The kingdom of the sea anemones

Cruise diary: Approximately 120 sea miles north of Vardø (coast of Finnmark), at depths between 210-350 meters, the MAREANO survey recorded a muddy seabed with cobbles and boulders that were covered by sea anemones.

Published: 06.08.2013 - Updated: 12.08.2013

A seabed full of pockmarks

Cruise diary: The second MAREANO cruise in 2013 maps the seabed along the Russian border in the Barents Sea. Over large parts of the Barents Sea, the seabed is full of pockmarks. The processes that create pockmarks are important for both fauna and climate, and the ongoing MAREANO cruise will provide data that will contribute to resolving questions related to these.