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News archive - April

Published: 19.04.2013 - Updated: 27.05.2013
Cuban costal line

Cuba and Norway – two coastal states, one model

Although their coastal landscapes and climatic conditions are completely different, as coastal states Norway and Cuba have a lot in common. They are both facing a great deal of pressure on their coastlines and on the marine resources that can be found there. The lobster – our European lobster and their spiny lobster – is in particular need of action to reverse a steady decline in numbers.

Published: 10.04.2013 - Updated: 12.04.2013
Gonatus fabricii

Dancing squid

Apparently undisturbed by the light from the video rig, the little octopus "dances" in front of the camera at the Moskenes fishing ground off the Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway. It moves around in the water with small, almost transparent wings, while the rest of the animal has sharp colors. As most cephalopods, this species also has arms, ready to catch a passing prey.