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News archive - November

Published: 28.11.2012 - Updated: 14.12.2012

Humpback whales fuel up for a long trip

During the summer, humpback whales eat as much food as possible in the productive seas of the far north. This allows them to build up a layer of blubber, which will provide the energy they need during their trip of almost 8,000 kilometres to the Caribbean, their stay there, and their return journey north.

Published: 09.11.2012 - Updated: 03.01.2013
Tilsatt farge

Absorbs pollution like a sponge

Adding a bit of fluorescent dye helps Raymond Bannister to demonstrate how much water the sponges in the tank filters and then pumps out. Now he wants to investigate how much pollution from the oil industry (i.e. drill cuttings and drilling mud) sponges can be exposed to before they stop pumping.