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News archive - June

Published: 29.06.2012
Phyllodoce sp.

MAREANO finds unknown species

Dozens of new polychaete species unknown to science have been detected in seabed samples collected by MAREANO in the Norwegian Sea during the last couple of years. In addition, scientists have been able to extend the known area of occurrence of a number of species. The findings contribute to an increased understanding of species diversity in the little-known and "invisible" animal world within the deep-water bottom sediments off the North-Norwegian coast.

Published: 20.06.2012 - Updated: 22.06.2012

NWA Ecosystem survey with R/V Dr. Fridtjof Nansen

Then we are well underway with this year's ecosystem cruise along the northwest African coast. Last year, the cruise was carried out at the end of the year (October to December), while this year we conduct the survey from May until the end of July. In this way we hope to capture seasonal variations in species distribution and ecosystem dynamics.