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News archive - January

Published: 28.01.2011 - Updated: 04.02.2011
Salmon lice

The Salmon Louse Genome is made Accessible

The generated results from the sequencing of the salmon louse genome will be made publicly available. These data will play a major role in the development of salmon louse vaccine and chemical delousing treatment.

Published: 12.01.2011 - Updated: 13.01.2011
Fish farm

Sea lice and escaped salmon found to be the most important risk factors for sustainability of Norwegian fish farming

The sustainability of the Norwegian aquaculture industry between Rogaland and Troms is being challenged by infection pressure of sea lice on wild salmonids and the possible genetic impact of escaped salmon. However, it is low likelihood  of eutrofication and organic overload on a regional scale.

Published: 10.01.2011 - Updated: 14.01.2011

Norwegian-Chinese krill research in the Southern Ocean

Norwegian and Chinese marine scientists will cooperate in studies of krill in the Southern Ocean for the next five years.  Aker BioMarine has given the researchers access to its modern krill trawler “Saga Sea” five days each year, free of charge. Two scientists are already on their way south to prepare vessel and equipment for the first survey in February.