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News archive - February

Published: 03.03.2011 - Updated: 04.03.2011
Managing Director Tore Nepstad

The struggle for truth

There are two conflicting agendas on ocean governance and sustainability, argued managing director Tore Nepstad when giving a speech at the opening of this year’s North Atlantic Seafood Conference in Oslo.

Published: 21.02.2011 - Updated: 10.03.2011

The cage environment is the key to salmon production

Researchers are proposing four possible measures to improve the lives of farmed salmon and simultaneously increase production. By releasing feed below the surface and using underwater lights, you can lure the fish away from the sea lice larvae on the surface, and greater monitoring will make it possible to optimise the environment. If simple procedures are also developed to spot abnormal behaviour, fish farmers will be able to discover signs of disease at an earlier stage.