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News archive - May

Published: 18.05.2010 - Updated: 26.05.2010

Lobster found to have shell disease

All of the evidence suggests that one of the sick lobsters handed in to The Institute of Marine Research last autumn is suffering from epizootic shell disease. Scientists are disturbed that the disease, which has not previously been seen in lobsters in Norway, appears to have been introduced with American lobsters.

Published: 18.05.2010 - Updated: 26.05.2010

Unique lobster hybrid

Since the American lobster first appeared in Norwegian waters, scientists have been wondering whether it will interbreed with our local species of lobster: the European lobster. Now the answer to that question is scuttling around in tanks at The Institute of Marine Research in the shape of lots of hybrid lobsters with American mothers and European fathers.

Published: 12.05.2010

Garbage pollutes deepwater habitats

The research vessel “Dr. Fridtjof Nansen” is currently conducting a deep water trawl survey focusing on the slope and deep water biodiversity off Ghana in central West Africa. The survey has documented several fish species never before recorded in Ghanaian waters and, amid it all, human waste as far down as 1000 m depth.