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News archive - December

Published: 20.12.2010

Controlled upwelling

 In Lysefjorden a collection of freshwater (from the outlet of a hydropower plant) is used to force controlled upwelling of nutrient rich deep water. The water is lead through a pipe (34 metres). This simple construction allows the scientists to live studies of the ecosystem in a grand scale fjord laboratory.    

Published: 03.12.2010
Launching of an observation platform

New database makes research data more easily available

The Institute of Marine Research is constantly monitoring, and collecting large amounts of data from, all of the Norwegian territorial waters. We have created a new database – SJØMIL – to make it easier to access some of the data. There you can find time series for temperature, salinity and fishery resources, as well as time series for the status of fisheries from the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES).