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News archive - September

Published: 16.09.2009

New Heights for the Barents Sea Cod

From a historical low in the 1980s, the Barents Sea cod seems to be entering a new golden age. Learn how this has happened and how the scientists keep track of the rise and fall of the cod populations. 

Published: 04.09.2009 - Updated: 14.09.2009

Johan Hjort Ecosystem Cruise from 71 to 79 degrees north

Hoping to catch a glimpse of Polar Beer or whales. Sometimes the survey cruise participants are treated to unique scenes from the wildlife of the cold Barents Sea. Read the cruise diary written by Sigbjørn Mehl and seabird surveyor Stuart Murray.

Published: 03.09.2009 - Updated: 08.09.2009

Successful aquaculture project in Thailand

"A model project", is one of the descriptions given to a pilot big cage aquaculture farm developed and operated in partnership between Thailand and Norway. The project, led by the Institute of Marine Research on the Norwegian side, has amongst other things been praised for its exceptional planning, budget control and implementation.