Hopp til hovedteksten

News archive - November

Published: 30.11.2009 - Updated: 14.12.2009

Searching for viruses along the coast

This week, the research vessel  “Håkon Mosby” completed a cruise along the Norwegian coast from Stad to Trøndelag. Scientists from the Institute of Marine Research, and the National Veterinary institute sampled fish which are to be further analyzed for the presence of VHS-virus. This virus can cause high mortality, both in wild and cultured fish populations.

Published: 24.11.2009 - Updated: 14.12.2009
Shrimp (Bythocaris leucopis)

2700 metres below sea level

Blue holothurians (sea cucumbers) amongst sea lilies together with brilliantly red shrimps and irregular sea urchins were just some of the astonishing creatures that scientists observed when they earlier this autumn they explored the sea bottom down to 2700 metres depths in Nordland VII, an area off the coast of Northern Norway.

Published: 17.11.2009 - Updated: 25.11.2009
Fish farm

Expression of opinion on salmon farming

Pure Salmon Campaign is currently promoting a film entitled Farmed Salmon Exposed”. The Institute of Marine Research has viewed the film and come to the conclusion that it constitutes an expression of the political views of Pure Salmon Campaign.

Published: 03.11.2009 - Updated: 16.12.2009
American lobster?

New disease may be affecting lobsters

Researchers at The Institute of Marine Research are investigating whether two lobsters caught in Viksfjord in the municipality of Larvik were suffering from epizootic shell disease. The disease has not previously been observed in Europe, but lobster populations in parts of the US are badly affected.