Hopp til hovedteksten
 Atle Totland and Terje Torkelsen put an obervation platform into operation.
Photo: Olav Rune Godø
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21 pulications from research group

Researchers from Observation methodology have so far this year had 21 publications published or accepted for publishing in refereed journals. More material is beeing evaluated. In addtion the research group is in charge of two book chapters.          

The massive production is a result of a succesful Seafacts-symposis hosted by the IMR in 2008. Seafacts - Symposium on the Ecosystem Approach with Fisheries Acoustics and Complementary Technologies - is the largest international conference on marine acoustics. 

Some of the studies are based on new technology or methodology, developed at the IMR or by their partners.

refereed journals


Eirik Tenningen writes a chapter in "Computers in Fisheries Research" together with Olav Rune Godø.