Hopp til hovedteksten
Red king crab found off Sotra.
Photo: the Directorate of Fisheries
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Caught red king crab off Bergen

Fisherman Trond Sangolt was surprised to find a red king crab in a net he had thrown off Skogsvåg at Sotra south of Bergen.

This is the first time red king crab is found this far south in Norway.

Trond Sangolt has caught red king crab off Finnmark and easily separates it from Norway king crab, a native species along the coast of western Norway.

Sicentist Jan H. Sundet at the IMR has reason to belive the red king crab has been transported from the northern Norway and then planted  in local waters.

If you suspect that you have caught a red king crab, please contact the Institute of Marine Research or the Directorate of Fisheries. 

Facts about Red King Crab

Latin name: Paralithodes camtschaticus
Natural Distribution: Bering Sea, Okhotsk Sea, and the North Pacific
Distribution in Barents Sea: Along coastal waters and tributaries in the southern region of the Barents Sea, at depths ranging from 5 to 400 m depending on time of year
Maximum size: Rarely exceeds 8 kg / 23 cm (carapace length in Norwegian waters)
Diet: Bottom species, plants

Red King Crab