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News archive - June

Published: 08.06.2009 - Updated: 10.06.2009
Red king crab found off Sotra.

Caught red king crab off Bergen

Fisherman Trond Sangolt was surprised to find a red king crab in a net he had thrown off Skogsvåg at Sotra south of Bergen. The crab was caught at approximately 200 meters depth and handed over alive to the Institute of Marine Research, where it is properly kept. The IMR has examined the crab and confirmed that it is a red king crab.

Published: 19.06.2009

How frightening is seismic?

To what extent is fish frightened by seismic shooting? How and for how long does it affect the actual fisheries? Hopefully the answers are found this sumer when the Institute of Marine Research is to study the effect of seismic shooting off Vesterålen.