Hopp til hovedteksten

News archive - August

Published: 19.08.2009 - Updated: 24.08.2009
Tokt, Flora juni

Farmed cod spreads outside cages

It has been claimed that escaped, farmed cod has poor survival in the wilderness. Now new, extensive experiments show that escaped cod manages well outside the cages. Scientist Knut E. Jørstad doesn't see any barriers keeping farmed cod from interbreeding with the wild populations.  

Published: 21.08.2009 - Updated: 25.08.2009

Larger cod quota in the Barents Sea

The stock of norteast arctic cod is increasing. The 2010 management advice from ICES - International Council for the Exploration of the Sea - suggests a quota of 577 500 tonnes. That is ca. 100 000 tonnes more than last years catch rule.  

Published: 06.08.2009 - Updated: 24.08.2009
Crab Mølen

Oil seek in small, very small and micro small organisms

Fish and shell fish are easily cut open and examined for oil in inner organs. But what method can be used to find out how much oil there is in a microscopic plankton?