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Fisheries Management and Climate Change in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea: Implications for resource managemen

According to meteorological and oceanographic data, an ongoing climate change is increasingly evident. For marine policy and fisheries management authorities, changes in fish stock production, distribution and migrations may imply substantial challenges. On behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the EU Commission, the Institute of Marine research is arranging a conference on these topics, at the Radisson SAS Hotel Royal in Bergen, 17-18 April 2008.


Fisheries management authorities from the nordic countries and the EU commission are invited to the conference together with relevant foundations and organizations. Selected speakers will talk about how the  marine ecosystems in the North Atlantic, the North Sea, the Barents Sea and the Baltic Sea may be affected by the climate change, how it may affect the biological production, distribution and migration of the large fish stocks, and the social and political consequences such changes may have for the nordic and EU countries.

The Norwegian Minister of Fisheres and Coastal Affairs, Ms. Helga Pedersen and the General Secretary, Nordic Council of Ministers, Mr. Halldor Ásgrimsson, will open the conference.

For further information and registration, please visit www.imr.no/climatechange2008

Closure of registration: 31 March 2008 - Limited number of participants.



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(Closure 31 March)


Ole Arve Misund, Research Director
+47 55 23 84 97