Hopp til hovedteksten

News archive - November

Published: 01.11.2007 - Updated: 29.10.2010

Three thousand research buoys in all our oceans

Miniature buoys, drifting in all our oceans at depths of more than 1000 m, are recording data for scientists from all over the world. Every ten days, each of these Argo buoys rises to the surface to transmit information about its own position and the sea’s temperature, salinity and pressure to a satellite that re-transmits the information to data centres that make it available to anyone interested.

Published: 14.11.2007 - Updated: 08.05.2009

Ice age imprint found on cod DNA

An international team of researchers has demonstrated how Atlantic cod responded to past natural climate extremes. The new research could help in determining cods vulnerability to future global warming.

Published: 26.11.2007 - Updated: 24.03.2009

Evolutionary effects of fishing

In the latest issue of Science, the leading American research journal, scientists from IMR and the University of Bergen together with colleagues across Europe, draw attention to the evolutionary effects of fishing.