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Norwegian Network

According to the national strategy for marine bioprospecting the Norwegian Government will regulate marine biological resources and make them more accessible to researchers, industry and international participants. In this context, Marbank is appointed a coordinating role for establishing a network of marine collections in Norway with the University of Tromsø, SINTEF/NTNU and UNI-Research/the University of Bergen as initial partners in the network. Coordinating marine samples from different collections maximises customers’ availability to a broad range of samples and associated data. The Research Council of Norway facilitates the coordination of the network.

Photo: Sten-Richard Birkely, Copyright: Sten-Richard Birkely, Marbank

The network will be open for new members. One objective of the establishment of the Norwegian network is to build a common database for the marine organisms and samples for which access is offered by the network. The database will form the basis for a web-catalogue to be launched on this web-site.

High quality research in marine biotechnology/marine bioprospecting requires access to high quality biological material and associated data. The Norwegian network of marine collections are linked to international collaboration partners and is member of ESBB (European, Middle Eastern and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking a regional chapter of ISBER) an international society for the biobanking of human and non-human biological materials.