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Marine Products

Marbank collects and prepares samples of marine organisms from Norwegian waters for research, commercial opportunities and exploitation purposes. The Marbank collection houses several types of marine biological material, most of which are processed in some way. The marine products include samples from marine invertebrates and vertebrates, bacteria, fungi and algae.

Photo: Robert A Johansen, Copyright: Robert A Johansen, Marbank

All available samples will be listed in our searchable web-catalogue. Here orders can be placed. A brief description of the purpose of receiving the material must be included when placing the order. Until the web-catalogue is operative customers are kindly asked to contact Marbank for further information.

Contents of the Marbank collection at present:

  • Taxonomic vouchers from approximately 1000 invertebrate/vertebrate species
  • Genetic samples from 265 invertebrate/vertebrate species
  • Extracts from  from roughly 400 invertebrate/vertebrate species
  • Approximately 3000 isolates of marine bacteria
  • Approximately 50 strains of marine micro algae
  • Approximately 800 isolates of marine fungi

The establishment of the national network of marine collections will increase the number of accessible samples.