Hopp til hovedteksten
catch recording

The Fourth Week

At the end of the fourth week on board the Dr. Fridtjof Nansen the science staff has settled in and is working now like a well oiled machine - and a very good thing that is. The shallow waters off the coast of Sindh province, the eastern part of Pakistan’s coast, include the prime shrimp fishing grounds and a diverse fish community as well. This area is are affected by the outflow of the Indus River and the Indus delta’s adjoining coastal mangrove forests are important contributors to the fish and shrimp production here. 

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End of one survey and on with the next

To Nov 4th 2010

We have reached the end of the first of our two surveys focused on the inshore small pelagic and offshore mesopelagic species. Last week we completed the western offshore stratum and the western shelf (Balochistan) stratum. The narrow Balochistan shelf area was the only area where we saw schools of pelagic fish. 

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The second week

Progress to date: 28 October 2010.

We have now completed the off-shelf areas of the pelagic survey and have start worked in the western inshore region. Work has been going smoothly, and the weather has become increasingly calm over the last week. Most mornings it is glassy calm with a light haze, mostly dust clouds blowing offshore

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The first week

Progress to date: 19 October 2010

The ship arrived as scheduled in Karachi on 10 October 2010 and a pre-survey reception was held including a tour of the ship for the Minister of Livestock and Dairy Development (responsible for fisheries), the Norwegian Ambassador and other dignitaries.

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