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Photo: E. Bagøyen
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Marine/aquatic environment

The increasing importance of ecosystem-based studies has been also reflected on the work developed by CDCF over the years. Environmental monitoring represents a significant part of the operations of the R/V Dr. Fridtjof Nansen. Furthermore, environmental studies are essential to the sustainable utilization of the marine resources and the development of projects in this ecosystem.

The expansion of the oil exploitation areas has stressed the conflict between the sector and commercial fisheries. In CDCF we have also been focused our work in addressing this conflict.
Under environmental monitoring, we provide technical assistance in the following topics:

  • Environmental impact assessment (focusing on fish stocks, oil exploitation fields or aquaculture projects)
  • Climate change studies
  • Mapping vulnerable areas
  • Developing national analytical facilities/laboratories
  • Development of pollution control systems: development of monitoring system for pollution on land and sea (at regional or local levels); discharge regulations advice (elimination or substitution of harmful chemicals)